Actor Macaulay Culkin Shows Off 'Home Alone Moves' at California Wrestling Match

  • 7 years ago
Actor Macaulay Culkin made a surprise appearance at a Christmas-themed wrestling event in Baldwin Park, Los Angeles, on December 14, and reenacted a part from Home Alone, throwing a bucket tied to a string into another wrestler.Dan Black, host of the pro-wrestling podcast Comedians of Wrestling, captured the moment Culkin, 37, famous for his Home Alone films, jumped in to the ring. The crowd can be heard cheering “Culkin,” and “Home Alone.” Culkin is then thrown to the ground by Santa Claus, who pins the other wrestler, winning the match.According to wrestling fan website Pro Wrestling Sheet, event organizers were told the fight was being filmed for a new YouTube series Culkin is planning to launch. Credit: Facebook/Dan Black via Storyful