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4 years ago

High Tech Fishing Flies - Fishing Britain episode 6

We're at the home of British flytying - the BFFI show - to look at the latest in fly technology, hand tying techniques, rod decoration and we have a little competition on the Veniard stand. Who can tie fastest? And want to see more pictures of flies by the man who tied that mantis? Visit

The superb Hywel Morgan is on Lenches Lakes in Evesham and he has his Veniard 120 challenge. Can he tie a fly and catch a fishin in under 120 minutes? Find out here. Visit Lenches Lakes website:
This 120 Challenge Veniards supplied us with Some hooks, marabou, gold holographic, mallard feathers, Crystal flash orange twinkle, and some Gummy Minnows.

Hooked on YouTube features the best fishing videos on YouTube in the last week
Fishing Britain News has good news about cormorants, bad news about sharks, and exciting news about the sailfish that jumped into the boat, making the anglers jump out.

What a haul! Keep it Fishing Britain.

Here are the links for Hooked on YouTube
Carl And Alex Fishing
Simon Crow
Fishing TV
David Shaw

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