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Ed Sheeran Celebrates 2 Years Since Quitting Twitter

Splash News FR
Splash News FR
Ed Sheeran is celebrating a milestone: two years since quitting Twitter.

And things couldn’t be better.

The singer announced on Instagram – his only social media platform – that his life has improved massively since quitting the micro-blogging network. He wrote that all the things that get blown up on Twitter are so, so, so negative… and nothing’s being celebrated. Which is stark contrast to Instagram.

So it seems he’s never going back.

When Ed “ditched his phone” two years ago, he had 20 million followers on Twitter, but he was growing sick of the abuse and the trolls who didn’t like him or his music.

And what better way to ignore it all then to ditch it completely?

Not to worry, Ed still updates his fans on Instagram so check him out there.

Because he’s never gonna tweet again.

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