Adnan Oktar: We have been working on our intellectual efforts ceaselessly for the past 40 years and now we are enjoying the fruits

  • 7 yıl önce
ADNAN OKTAR: I am here at this hour. I could go and have fun, mind my own business. Look, I have not gone away on a holiday for 40 years. People do so every summer, wearing their swimsuits, swimming around and having fun in the sea or lake. I am here even on the hottest and coldest time of the year. I am here even when I go down with the cold. I have not enjoyed a single hour of vacation for the past 40 years. And what do people do? They are minding their own business, having fun, unconcerned with anything that is going on. Whereas I ensured the Turkey-wide and worldwide elimination of Darwinism. I paved the way for it. This is why HaberTurk [a Turkish News Channel] is engaged in a desperate struggle, because of the Darwinism's imminent defeat. I have contributed greatly in the effort for the decisive defeat of the British deep state; the whole world has clearly seen that we are the main gate to its defeat. Now the British deep state is in a state of panic. They have a busy traffic visiting Turkey. The British deep state has been dealt a crushing blow. The intelligence agents of the state, writers, and journalists are all talking about the British deep state and this is how they are devastated. They are unable to do anything to reverse the situation. They are truly at a loss as to what they should do. Homosexuality was on a massive rise. Taking a clear stance against homosexuality based on the Qur'an and Islam, the homosexual mentality has shown a thorough decline. It was a major weapon of the British deep state. They can no longer wield it. They sought to secretly spread disbelief among people by promoting the Rumi Mawlawi system. They used to carry out an anti-Islamic propaganda, using Mawlana's words "Our path does not cross with Islam," and we put an end to this as well. They are no longer capable of doing this either. The majority of the youth had lost their faith; but we helped them regain their faith and become pious once again. We paved the way for the emergence of an enthusiastic, faithful, tremendous youth, laying the ideological foundation for the government. In other words, the government was established upon such an ideological foundation. If it were not for this ideological ground, the government would not have been as successful. It would not be capable of dealing with the left wing. The left would not give the AKP or any other rightist party a moment of respite on the ideological basis.

KARTAL GÖKTAN: A moderate tone had been adopted towards the PKK, but you tore down its philosophy and exposed its true intention.

ADNAN OKTAR: Indeed, there were the plans of "negotiating with the PKK, visiting the [Imrali] island and so on." Committees from both the government and the PKK would frequently hold meetings. The so-called ‘wise people’ dispersed across the country. The term 'Mr. Öcalan" would be uttered ceaselessly. Bülent Arınç was saying, "We have freed them all." He even went as far as to say "We have to free Öcalan." In other words, he was of the opinion that "He has been in prison for 16 years; that is enough. We should relocate him to a mansion or a villa, and leave him to his own devices." I and my friends were the ones who expressed the strongest opposition to these statements and others follow suit. Of course, there have been some other people who shared the same views with us, but we have always been at its forefront.
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