How do you call this exercise?, please comment, aerial fabrics, russian climb fabrics together

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There are different names for the circus exercises around the world, please tell me the different names you have heard.

Dance in fabrics is a circus discipline compared to calisthenics or bodyweight training, called acrobatics in fabrics, acrobatic cloth or aerial ballet in Spanish and aerial fabrics, aerial tissus, aerial silk, and aerial acrobatics in English, is a discipline of the Circus where artists perform choreography, figures and falls while hanging from a cloth.
In spite of being named in aerial dance, it is more related to the physical activity and sports like the artistic gymnastics, due to the great amount of strength and flexibility required.
The fabrics can be:
Low elasticity fabrics: Usually used for beginners who have not yet developed strength and technique to perform basic rises and postures.
Medium elasticity fabrics are the main choice of professional aerial artists and training programs.
This technique derives from the circus rope, or smooth string, which in turn is likely to come from a technique that India where yoga will perform on rope.

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