Hitchhiking Vlog | Backpacking through the Netherlands | Wasted Life |

  • 7 years ago
Our Van broke down so now, we are on a Hitchhiking Adventure through the Netherlands. The struggle is Real.
Waste your life & Join the Adventure!
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We are Mat & Sophie. A Kiwi & a German!
Life enthusiasts. Freedom Seekers. Backpackers.
Living a free, simple & pure life.
We have been traveling the world for more than 3 Years now.
Touring currently in our VW Bus through Europe.
We want to find excitement in everyday by doing what we love.
To some we are wasting our lives by traveling instead of focusing on a career or doing the norm. But we proudly embrace the title ‘Life Waster’ and want to share our story with all the other Life Wasters out there!
Big plans are ahead of us so join the journey & follow us as we take on the globe in our van.
Music Credits:
- Holiday Blues by Joakim Karud
Check out more of his music -https://soundcloud.com/joakimkarud