Amazing Royal Icing Cake Decorating Ideas Techniques - Most Satisfying Cake Video

  • 6 years ago
Welcome to My Chanel @ Queen Cakes @ Satisfying Chocolate Cakes Ideas - How To Make Chocolate Cake ideas -Featured Videos : 7 Royal Icing Cake Decorating Techniques Tutorial - Times = 01:11 But as a baker, understanding what to type of cake to make and with what filling and icing will be best can be a difficult task. You have probably heard them all, Butter Cake, Sponge Cake, Chiffon Cake, Genoise Cake, Pound Cake, Devils Food Cake, Coffee Cake! And probably more that I forgot to list!! So what’s the difference? Easiest way to think about it is like this: The difference is in the Mix Method. So there are basically 2 classes, and then of course variations of those classes. Sponge Cake – Also known as foaming method cakes, which rely primarily on trapped air in the foamed eggs which are the base bulk structure of the entire recipe which also provides the leavening. Sponge cakes are known to be lighter, airier and can also be known as “dry”. Typically Sponge cakes are accompanied by a Simple Syrup which is brushed on the layers to add moisture and flavor to the cake. Butter Cake– Also known as Pound Cake and some variations of the Devils Food Cake are mainly creamed butter cakes. Where the butter and sugar is creamed to create a fluffy matrix of air pockets trapping the sugars within the fat pockets which upon baking are melted and converted to steam, which in turn causes your batter to rise. Creamed cake batters have a closer, denser crumb than those recipes which require foaming. PINTEREST / INSTAGRAM / FACEBOOK / ----------------------------------------­----------- -Email: -Directed and Produced by Hermawan -Videography by Hermawan -Editing by Hermawan -Details Country by United Kingdom -Credit by -Music by Into The Clouds - Nicolai Heidlas Music