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New & Used Jet Boats For Sale | Jet Boat Parts and Jet Boat Accessories

Take a ride up a small portion of the Muskwa River in Northern BC in a custom welded aluminum jet boat built by a local boat builder in BC. Jet boats are an excellent mode of transportation into the backcountry in BC, Alberta, Alaska, Idaho and other parts of the world where there is an abundance of rivers.

Some jet boats built with thicker bottoms and more stringers (supports) are designed to run up very shallow water. UHMW on the bottom of the boats helps them slide along rocks, gravel and sandbars without ripping open the aluminum. Their ability to run shallow water like this is what makes them perfect for hunters or fisherman looking to go up rivers during the later part of the season when the water level is typically lower than normal.

UHMW stands for Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene. It's a heavy duty plastic that is often mistaken for bottom protection, when it's really added as a friction reducer when a boat is sliding across gravel bars or even beaver dams! The thick slippery armour allows the boat to slide along effortlessly, without catching the alumimum on rocks. Not all jet boats have a UHMW bottom and it can be expensive to add later on.

If you're looking to purchase a jet boat then https://www.jetboatsforsale.ca is a great place to start where you'll find new and used jet boats for sale by private sellers, jet boat builders and jet boat dealers.

There is also a parts and accessories section where you'll find suppliers for all of your jet boat needs including crate engines for jet boats, new jet boat pumps, steering controls, stomp grates and more.

You'll find jet boats listed from major manufacturers such as KingFisher, Outlaw and Thunderjet and there are also boats from some of the smaller custom builders as well including FireFish Industries, Shuman, Wolfemade, Explorer Industries, Ali-Craft, Rock Bottom Industries and more.

You'll find many different jet boat builders in our builder directory here: https://www.jetboatsforsale.ca/jet-boat-builders/

You'll find various parts and accessories here: https://www.jetboatsforsale.ca/parts/

You can view our current jet boat inventory here: https://www.jetboatsforsale.ca/jet-boat-listings/

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