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Environmental Benefits of Rainwater Harvesting | GCRDPL | Rainwater harvesting consultants

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The harvesting of rainwater essentially includes the accumulation of water from surfaces on which rain falls and subsequently storing this water for later utilization. Typically water is gathered from the tops of structures and put away in rainwater tanks. on an average, the household uses 18% of water for flushing their toilets and 23% for the washing machine. Strange? By gathering rainwater we have an immediate positive effect on the environment that all can see. Rainwater collection obviously reduces municipal water use, but how does this help the environment? Rainwater harvesting helps in the management of stormwater run-off that prevents erosion, flooding and poor water quality in the lakes. Rainwater can have a major impact on water supply and has been shown to be able to reduce municipal water demand enough that large new public water sourcing projects become unnecessary. over 20% of per-capita energy use is dedicated to treating, heating, and transporting water! By reducing your dependency on pumped and treated water sources, you are contributing to collective savings in energy. Rainwater Harvesting Reduces the carbon footprint which leads to the reduction in energy use, mitigation in climate change. In Urban areas, about 55% of rainwater leaves the site as runoff! but when you store the rainwater for use in the garden, you allow it to infiltrate more natural rate, which helps in groundwater recharge in the urban areas. GCRDPL is the leading rainwater harvesting consultant in India. Starting from site-based design planning, preparation of Design and Drawing; complete installation of Rainwater Harvesting (RWH) with the consultation of our experts and its maintenance after installation is implemented successfully. Another RWH installation progressed in Balda Block Iron Ore Mines, Orissa by M/s Serajuddin & Company; designing, drawing, complete installation and commissioning of RWH is effectively done with technical experts of GCRDPL.Currently, GCRDPL executing RWH project for M/s Triveni Sainik Private Limited located in Lagnatu, Hazaribagh, and Jharkhand. Conduction of Survey, Design of RWH, supply, installation, purchase, and transportation of material is all executed by our technical experts at the site. Our work affords the foundation for flourishing project accomplishment by developing strategic frameworks for growth.