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4 years ago

Sweet Brown on apartment fire- _Ain't Nobody Got Time for That__

Ain't Nobody Got Time for That
Ain't nobody got time for that screengrab.jpg
Screenshot from the viral video
Starring Kimberly "Sweet Brown" Wilkins
Narrated by Joleen Chaney
Distributed by YouTube
Release date
April 8, 2012
Running time
42 seconds
Country United States
Language English

Ain't Nobody Got Time for That is a viral YouTube video of Kimberly "Sweet Brown" Wilkins being interviewed after having escaped a fire in an apartment complex. It originally aired on April 8, 2012 on Oklahoma City NBC affiliate KFOR-TV.[1][2]

The video garnered Sweet Brown many appearances on television, including a visit to ABC's The View.[3][4][5] Brown also plays a cameo role in the Tyler Perry 2013 movie A Madea Christmas saying a part of her line from her television interview during an interview at the end of the movie.[citation needed] As of February 2016, the original video has 64 million views.