Smelly Baby - Kids Learn How To Take Care of Baby - Education Game For Children

  • 7 yıl önce
Smelly Baby - Kids Learn How To Take Care of Baby - Education Game For Children\r
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Yuck! Whats that smell? Its a sewer! Its a porta potty! No - its Smelly Baby! Learn how to take care of your very own baby! Too bad hes stinky! Put your thinking cap on while having fun – you decide what to do to get him to fart or not!\r
Smelly Baby is here, and hes going to stink up the place! There are no ifs or ands about it… but there are butts (and theyre extra smelly)! See how Smelly Babys farts affect his surroundings, causing funny, crazy things to happen! Learn how to assemble things yourself and be a puzzle expert!\r
- Its farty party fun time, with Smelly Baby! Hes the cutest, but stinkiest baby around!\r
- Ordinary farts will make silly things happen, but mega-farts will cause madness!\r
- Build sandcastles with Smelly Baby at the beach… only for his farts to destroy them!\r
- Learn how to clean up after yourself while staying silly and having fun. \r
- Learn how to build a jungle gym and watch farts turn a pony ride into a wild rodeo experience! \r
- Learn how to set up a tent and get ready for mega-farts to turn a frog into a handsome prince! \r
- Bake cookies with Smelly Baby, but be prepared for his farts to start a gumball explosion! \r
- Be an artist and design your own birthday decorations. Farts will make it rain presents!\r
- Bathtime gets wacky when massive farts drive hairdryers crazy, creating insane hairstyles!\r
- Play with Smelly Babys dog, but watch out - his farts could blow it into the pool!\r
- Build a car and watch farts turn it into a disco! If powerful enough, the fart will clean the car!