Octonauts: Pesos Best Bits

  • il y a 7 ans
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Peso is the medic for the team. Hes an expert at bandaging and always carries his medical kit with him in case of emergencies. Hes not too fond of scary things, but if a creature is hurt or in danger, he can be the bravest Octonaut of all!\r
The Octonauts are an adventure team who explore the worlds oceans, rescue the creatures who live there and protect their habitats – above and below the waves (from the rainforests of the Amazon to the deepest depths of the Midnight Zone).\r
Captain Barnacles Bear, ex-pirate Kwazii Cat, medic Peso Penguin and the rest of the crew fearlessly dive into ion, deploying a fleet of aquatic vehicles, including their Octopus-shaped home-base, the Octopod.\r
Based on the richly imaginative books by Meomi, this sci-fi animatedcombines immersive visuals and submersive humor to transport young children into a world that is both real and fantastic, full of mysteries to unravel and surprises around every corner.\r
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