Playmobil Police car Polizei (5184) unboxing City Action Police Car with 2 Police officers

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Playmobil Police car Polizei (5184) unboxing City Action Police Car with 2 Police officers\r
Product Description\r
Patrol downtown with the Police Car with Flashing Light. Chase down criminals or pull over speeding vehicles using this cars functional flashing police lights. Car seats four figures. Set includes two figures, handcuffs, camera, megaphone, and other accessories. \r
The Playmobil Police Car features a detatchable flashing light! Switch the flashing lights on and speed away to the scene of the crime to catch the bad guy. With two police officers at hand, youll soon have them in handcuffs.\r
Flashing lights on top of police car can be removed\r
Two police officers included\r
Police accessories for catching criminals\r
Car can take up to 4 figures\r
Flashing lights on the top\r
Roof of the car is removable\r
Includes two Playmobil police officers\r
Car seats four figures\r
Set includes two figures, handcuffs, camera, megaphone and other accessories\r
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