14 yıl önce

Electro-Harmonix Germanium Overdrive Pedal

Thanks to the Germanium transistor, the Germanium Overdrive was a signature distortion sound of 60s heavy rock and other genres... it's back, only now you can modify your voltage without using a screwdriver. It's all knobs, now. Aren't you happy? Hear the retro-distortion of the sixties, how it sounds updated for the double-oughts in our Gearwire video from Summer NAMM 2007. This short-but-sweet vid comes to you from the Electro-Harmonix booth in the middle of a demo of just about every single EHX new release there is. As in, stay tuned for more, more, more.
More info is at the Electro-Harmonix official site.
Presenter: Felipe Sosa, Electro-Harmonix
Location: Summer NAMM 2007, Austin Texas