Joker and Minion kidnapped Frozen Elsa Spiderman Helped Spider man vs Joker IRL

  • 7 years ago
When Spiderman piled the books on a bookshelf, he found the plan. Pleased Spider-man runs on a treasure hunt. Joker and Minion wanted to stop him, but the superhero is so impressed that all tries of villains are vain. All are wondered where the treasures are hidden. Finally, Spiderman found the box, but Joker took it. Spiderman was pleased when he saw that there is no treasure in box, but there was a shit.\r
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Producer by: Valerii Hrytsenko\r
Frozen Elsa - Anastasia Panchenko\r
Spiderman / Spider man - V. Kulachek\r
Joker - Shyt Elina\r
Operator by: Serrhii Pliac\r