Mattel Disney Cars 2016 Case B Otto Bonn Transforming McQueen Claude Scruggs Davey Apex
  • 6 years ago
2016 Case B is the second singles case to hit stores this year. The case includes three new die-casts: Otto Bonn in the WGP Pit Crew , Haiki in the Crusin Tokyo , and Transforming Lightning McQueen in the Dinoco Daydream . 2016 Case B also includes Claude Scruggs (Leak Less), Davey Apex (Re-Volting), and Tomber, who hasnt been released since new. Many collectors are finding the case at Walmart, Target, and even Disneyland. I personally bought some of the die-casts from the case on Amazon for $3.99. Unfortunately though, Haiki and Tomber arent available on Amazon yet, but probably will be soon. \r
Amazon Links:\r
Otto Bonn: \r
Transforming Lightning McQueen: \r
Davey Apex aka Re-Volting #84: \r
Claude Scruggs aka Leak Less #52: \r
2016 Case B Contents: \r
(1) Chick Hicks\r
(2) Mater \r
(1) Raoul CaRoule\r
(1) Shu Todoroki\r
(1) Fillmore\r
(2) Transforming Lightning McQueen \r
(1) Haiki\r
(1) Tomber\r
(1) Francesco Bernoulli\r
(1) Max Schnell\r
(3) Lightning McQueen\r
(1) Claude Scruggs (Leak Less)\r
(1) Davey Apex (Re-Volting)\r
(1) Otto Bonn\r
(1) Fabulous Doc Hudson\r
(2) Lightning Ramone\r
(1) Wingo\r
(1) Boost\r
(1) Sheriff\r
(1) Vladimir Trunkov\r
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-Claude Scruggs (Leak Less #52)\r
-Davey Apex (Re-Volting #84)\r
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