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150 Kinder Surprise Eggs Kinder Toys Opening | Toys AndMe

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Hi Friends! 150 Kinder Surprise Eggs From My Giant Kinder Surprise Egg Video,This Is The First Of Many Opening Videos I Will Open 12 Eggs In Each Of My Up .
GIANT KINDER SURPRISE EGG with 150 Kinder Chocolate Surprises. Giant Kinder Play-Doh Surprise Egg. Toys from Star Wars, Transformers, Disney .
Hi Friends! SHOPKINS FANS!! Looking forward to season 3 shopkins?? Well this Awesome Giant SHOPKINS EGG was söo cool,i have lots of shopkins .
Hi friends! i hope you liked my Frozen egg,i had some comments from some of you guys asking me to do a FROZEN EGG VIDEO!! So i hope you liked the video .