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NUMTUMS - The Numtums is a childrens television show about a group of ten small creatures called Numtums, each with a number from one to ten on their tummy.[1] BBC, Studio 100 Animation, ZDF, France Télévisions and TF1 aired in new-new, and is designed as an interive programme to help a young audience learn about numbers. 1 First2 Second and later3 Episodes 3.1 Series 1 (new) 3.2 Series 2 (new) 3.3 Series 3 (new) 4 References 5 External links\r
First \r
The firstwas animated by Beakus, a London animation studio set up in new and run by the programme director Steve Smith. Thiswas aimed at toddlers.[2]\r
Second and later \r
A second CG animatedwas created for CBeebies and Studio 100 Animation at A Productions in new. This version was aimed at older children and is notable for giving the charers names and voices.\r
For the second , producer Barry Quinn chose to use an Australian theme: the Numtums are based on numbats (hence the Numtums fondness for eating termites), side charers include an echidna, Billy the Kidna, a lyrebird, Larry, a koala with plans for world domination, Fluffy McTuffy, a smart, acerbic, yet misanthropic, slightly pessimistic, silent and even stoic frilled lizard who is her assistant and three small rubber ducks, Dennis, Finley and Trixie. [3] The Numtum charers names are based on Australian place names.[2] Along with Super Numtum now getting his own show, while Gladdy, Flinders, Hobart and Nimbin are the four oldest numtums, Bendy Go, Dar Dar, Champer, Humpty Do, Little Sandy and Coogee are the six youngest Numtums, known as the Numpups. They hang out at a termite shaped café where they reward themselves with Termite Treats. Even though they come from Australia, each of the charers, except Super Numtum, Frilly Lizzy, Fluffy McTuffy, Larry and Billy, all speak with a Yorkshire accent.\r
The Numtums names and numbers are: Bendy Go Dar Dar Champer Gladdy Little Sandy Flinders Humpty Do Coogee Hobart Nimbin