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4 years ago

NEW Orbeez Crush Sweet Treats Studio | Gigantic Orebeez | Orbeez Toys

Toys AndMe
Ims uper excited to show you the NEW Orbeez playset is call Orbeez Crush Sweet Treats and is super cool, I LOVE IT. You can make a huge cake and .
Hi friends, this Orbeez Crush is a great new way to play with Orbeez! I will definitely be making more cakes :) if you like orbeez then check out my orbeez playlist .
Orbeez Crush fun birthday cake maker with the Sweet Treats Studio playset. Crush up Orbeez with this brand new toy fun for all kids and families called Sweet .
Learn how to use the Orbeez Sweet Treats Studio with the Orbeez Girls in this easy instructional video! Orbeez Sweet Treats Studio Instructional Video | Official .