Ivanka Trump Spills On Her Teenage Years & Rebelling Against POTUS
  • 6 years ago
Ivanka Trump is finally coming clean on her wild teenage years!
The president’s daughter contributed to her mom Ivana’s memoir, Raising Trump, and confessed that she went against her 68-year-old mother’s strict ways for years.
“I know my mother thinks I never broke the rules or did anything she wouldn’t approve of, but there were many times during my teenage years when I pushed the envelope and would test the boundaries,” Ivanka, 35, admitted. “My parents were strict, but there was still room to rebel like any other teenager.”
“I am shocked!” Ivana responded to her only daughter. “I want to know exactly what she…actually, I don’t. She slipped some things by me? Fine. But whatever she did, it wasn’t so bad that she was arrested, or that we had to bail her out of jail, or something awful was posted on the Internet that can’t be unseen.”
Ivana also detailed how she had no problem spanking her toddlers for misbehaving, and moved on to giving them busy schedules as children to prevent them from rebelling.
As teenagers, Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric had “an early curfew of ten p.m.”
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