Dinosaurs Free Fighting Game - Dinosaur Men, Dinosauroid | Eftsei Gaming

  • 7 yıl önce
The era of the Mutants has come, we have human DNA mixed with Dinosaurs, we have created a real street fighting machine called Mutant Dino, Take control of these beasts and make combinations of punches boxing, put into price the movements worlds most lethal MMA, dodge the blows and makes the worlds most amazing special fighting moves.\r
Unleash your fists adrenaline and help your fighter to win the world championship mutant street fighting, learn to handle the incredible combos, do not let your opponent breathing or leave you KO.\r
Feel the full fury of street, but as youve never seen before, youll see a new breed of fighters that have been created to kill, feel the power of his claws and incredible special moves and combos amazing, fill your energy bar and destroy your opponent.