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Draw My Life- Jenna Marbles

This video accidentally turned out kind of sad, ME SO SOWWY IT NOT POSED TO BE SAD WHO WANTS HUGS AND COOKIES? Also, FYI for anyone attempting this, it takes deceptively longer to do than you would think, like wtf I got some markers and sat down to draw my life but wtf is life mate. Know what I mean? Then I looked at marbles and he was all like, meh not now mom i've got the derp tongue hanging out of my mouth and then i looked at Kermit and he was all wahhh can you turn on my electric blanket because i'm freezing cold and i'm also a spoiled baby brat child and need you to love me every second of every day also do you have some chicken because I'm hungry? And then I looked at Jerome who was just standing there like the rasta banana monkey that he is judging everyone and felt weird for a second but then remembered how he has a hole in his armpit from people getting too excited about the fact that he's a giant rasta banana monkey and manhandling his body so the little like white styrofoam pellet things that he is filled with (and subsequently make him noisy and not that squishy to hug, more like an old over stuffed bean bag that isn't any fun to sit on and is just there because your parents are like, "we're not throwing this out because we bought it for you for christmas you fucking asked for it now sit in it" and so you do but you're like ehhhh i'd rather sit on the floor this is making me feel weird and also itchy) are falling out and I need to sew him up before he makes a giant mess in my house even though he already has somewhat, I guess that's the price you pay for having a carnival toy that lives in the corner of your living room, he brings you joy and pain all at the same time. Ah, life, just like the great Will Smith says, sometimes I wonder, what you gon be? A doctor a general maybe a MC ha I wanna kiss you all the time. Exactly Will, exactly. It smells like farts in here KERMIT SERIOUSLY? Come on bro, your butt though, it's so stinky. I love you. Hey want to hug and make out? Some of us want to hug and make out, take one for the team. See you at lunch then. I'll take 6 gerbils please. Arts and crafts time makes for peepee.

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