LEGOs Star Wars Yoda Chronicles Toys Preview

  • 7 年前
Join us at From the Cartoon Network Series Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles, this is a preview look at some of the Star Wars sets from LEGO.\r
LEGOs Star Wars Sets for new include:\r
Rancor Pit\r
Spider Droid with the Jedi Stass Ali\r
Mandalorian Speeder with Darth Maul\r
Corporate Alliance Droid Tank with Jango Fett and Jek-14\r
Duel on Geonosis with Yoda and Count Duku\r
Mace Windu\r
Jabbas Sail Barge with Jabba the Hut, Max Rebo, and Princess Liea\r
Republic Gunship with Padme in combat outfit.\r
Star Wars Advent Calendar\r
These Star Wars toys were on display at the LEGO showroom at the New York Toy Fair, February new.\r
Presented by toy reporter Stu Carter from\r
Music\r - Atamaii Intro\r - Stormfront\r or an Alien