Disneys Aladdin (SNES) - Part 3: Stages 6 & 7 (No Damage + All Red Gems) + Ending (Credits)
  • il y a 7 ans
Jafars Palace + The Final Battle + Ending & Special Credits!\r
What? I got hit.\r
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Disneys Aladdin was developed and published by Capcom. The storyline more or less closely follows the plot of its namesake, the Disney full-length animated motion picture, with Aladdin going from a street rat to a prince, who first woos, and then has to rescue, the Princess Jasmine. Most levels and stages of the game will be readily recognized by people who have seen the motion picture, but there are a few levels that have nothing to do with the . The game features renditions of the soundtrack from the Disney motion picture. An extra challenge involved finding 70 red diamonds throughout the game. While they werent necessary for ending the game, the credits screen changes slightly according to how many diamonds were collected. This version sold over 1.75 million units worldwide. [.] A version of the game would also later receive a port for the Game Boy Advance with an extra stage, though all the songs based directly on the originalwere replaced with new music. ~ Wikipedia.org\r
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