HOME ON THE RANGE ft. Becky Robinson (Drunk Disney #17)
  • 7 年前
Becky Robinson joins James, Chelsea and Dave for 2004s Home on the Range, Disneys 45th (and possibly worst) animated feature. \r
Whats Alameda Slims secret weapon? Was Judi Dench awarded royalty for this ? And just how many burp jokes can you fit in one ? \r
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Things We Drank To on thisof Drunk Disney:\r
1) Walt\r
2) Roseanne Barr\r
3) Subprime mortgages\r
4) Actual cannibal Shia Labeouf\r
5) (taken offscreen)\r
6) Alameda Slim\r
7) Coachella \r
8) The f that a guy went to jail for posting revenge \r
9) Disembodied Hands\r
10) Cuba Gooding, Jr.\r
11) The Chinese who build our railroad system\r
12) Rock-a-Doodle\r
13) Alan Menken\r
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The Aristocats, copyright 1970 Walt Disney Productions\r
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