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M1903 Springfield | American Sniper Rifle | Heroes & Generals [HD]

I kill my enemies in Heroes & Generals with their own weapons. The M1903 is a sturdy bolt-ion rifle, it loads with a 5 round stripper clip and while not super fast-firing, it is precise and hard-hitting. Enjoy the video? Subscribe! ✅ ✅\r
The Springfield is very accurate, able to effectively engage the enemy at very long ranges. This rifle can be modified to kill in one shot, which makes it an extremely potent weapon on the field. However, due to its slow rate of fire, the Springfield is ill-suited for close quarter combat. Its advised to pair this rifle with a sidearm, be it a pistol, submachine gun, or a semi-automatic rifle.\r
Heroes & Generals is a combined first-person shooter and strategy video game in a World War II setting. Heroes & Generals is an online war game with multiple game modes accessible from multiple platforms. Play the game as the hero on the battlefield, the officer making the tical decisions to win the battle, the general command devising the grand strategy and everything in between. Every players ion has consequences for the war effort.\r
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