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5 years ago

Bashing Giant Shopkins Season 4 Chocolate Surprise Egg | Shopkins Toys Inside | Candy & To

Toys AndMe
Hi friends, I had so much fun bashing my giant shopkins surprise egg,i hope you liked my shopkins surprises:) Hi friends, you can send me mail here :) Toys And .
Kids! We had so much fun bashing & smashing our Giant Shopkins surprise egg! The chocolate is delicious & we hope you liked the shopkins surprises!
Hi friends, Super giant Shopkins surprise egg!! I got a lot off duplicates today but i still got a few more for my collection,i need around 25 Shopkins to finish my .
Hi friends:) ITS BASH TIME I am bashing chocolate eggs again and i got some super cool surprises,my dad keeps on doing drops lol:)YUMMY JELLY BEANS .