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FIFA Mobile Make it or Break it Challenge! Will We have to Quicksell our Flashback Pull!?!

Get ready for the make it or break it challenge on FIFA Mobile 17! We open a flashback pack and have to hit its Auction House value with 21 quicksells otherwise we have to quicksell it! We also explain what happened to your shoot and pass buttons in the latest update, and how to get them back!\r
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FIFA Mobile 17 Cristiano Ronaldo Man of the Year Pull: \r
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Thank you for checking out my channel! You have come across an awesome place for FIFA Mobile content! The game that features Football players from all over the world! I love Arsenal, love playing soccer, and love to make mobile gaming videos! I record through quicktime on my Apple iPhone ios 10. I use a logitech c920 camera, and edit with Adobe Premiere!\r
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