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5 years ago

Italian EU chief predicts UK will GIVE IN to European Court supremacy during Brexit talks

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Italian EU chief predicts UK will GIVE IN to European Court supremacy during Brexit talks
Italy's EU minister Sandro Gozi has praised Theresa May's Florence Speech as a "helpful" intervention in the Brexit conversation. The Italian EU chief Sandro Gozi has praised Theresa May's intervention in the Brexit talks as a "helpful step forward" but suggested the UK would have to give in during future talks. Mr Gozi was in attendance at the Prime Minister's widely-anticipated speech in Florence yesterday afternoon and left feeling "very optimistic". During her speech, Mrs May pledged that UK courts would take into account judgments made by the European Court of Justice. She told the diplomatic audience in Italy yesterday: “The rights of EU citizens in the UK, and UK citizens overseas will diverge.“I want the UK courts to be able to take into account the judgments of the European Court of Justice with a view to ensuring consistent interpretation. "And on this basis I hope our teams can reach firm agreement quickly."Mr Gozi heaped praise on Mrs May's tone in the speech, saying: "It was a helpful speech because there were steps ahead on key issues, such as the jurisprudence of the European courts and citizen rights, and her promises on the financial obligations." He acknowledged that the British Government had not accepted ECJ supremacy over British law when it comes to citizen rights but suggested that this will eventually change.The Italian MP said: " She clearly inserted in the picture the rulings of the ECJ. It is a step forward and we must continue negotiating on this."She recognised the court of justice and how it can have a direct effect on British rulings, and we will eventually get there."Many Brexiteer MPs, such as Jacob-Rees Mogg, have complained that Mrs May's speech made Britain's position on the ECJ far "too ambiguous". . 00FastNews. Please Subscribe!

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