Thomas and Friends MINIS BLIND BAGS CODES OPEN SURPRISES Toy Trains Collectible Guess the Engine

  • 7 лет назад
Thomas & Friends engines just got a mini makeover! With over 70 mini engines to collect. BLIND BAG CODE LISTED BELOW!!! \r
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Watch Ryan as he open Thomas mini blind bags surprises! Also feature minis collectors play wheel that comes with GOLD THOMAS mini\r
(Look at your own risk)\r
Blind Bag code is listed on the outside the package!! =)\r
01 - Classics Thomas\r
02 - Spooky Percy\r
03 - Metallic James\r
04 - Racers Gordon\r
05 - Classics Edward\r
06 - Spooky Salty\r
07 - Neon Toby\r
08 - Classics Henry\r
09 - Old School Diesel\r
10 - Spooky Emily\r
11 - Classics Dash\r
12 - Classics Diesel 10 \r
13 - Chillin Paxton\r
14 - Classics Stephen\r
15 - Heroes Victor\r
16 - Classics Scruff\r
17 - Racers Bill\r
18 - Classics Bert\r
GOLD THOMAS the tank engine special edition Thomas & Friends Take N Play\r
Open easter eggs surprise thomas the tank engine train and friends\r
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