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4 years ago|138 views

Taylor Swift Sued For Stealing 'Shake it Off" Lyrics

Splash News TV
Splash News TV
It’s been years since Taylor Swift released her “Shake it Off” song, but now she’s going to have to shake off a lawsuit because it’s reported that she’s being sued for stealing lyrics.
According to TMZ, the writers of the 2001 song “Playas Gon’ Play” by 3LW are suing Taylor, claiming that at least 20 percent of Taylor’s massive hit “Shake it Off” belongs to them because they originally wrote the lyrics “Playas, they gonna play and haters, they gonna hate.”
That’s the extent of the similarities, and it’s interesting that it took writers more than three years to recognize the similarity from a song that was almost impossible to not hear.
TMZ reports that Taylor’s team has responded, saying, “This is a ridiculous claim and nothing more than a money grab. The law is simple and clear. They do not have a case.”
We’re pretty sure T-Swift isn’t sweating it. After all, she has a brand new album release to focus on.
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