New Miraculous Ladybug Fashion Dolls Marinette and Chloe Summer Dress | Evies Toy House

  • 7 年前
Today we are unboxing and review the new Miraculous Ladybug season 2 dolls! This set of dolls include Marinette and Chloe wearing new summer dress outfits and one accessory. Last year we got Marinette, Ladybug, Cat Noir, Adrien, Antibug and Chloe dolls. \r
Chloe is Marinettes classmate, and she causes trouble in almost every Ladybug . She is a major cause of many akumatized villains. \r
Miraculous Ladybug 10.5 inch Fashion Doll at Amazon:\r
CHLOE Doll: \r
ANTIBUG Doll: \r
ADRIEN Doll \r
CAT NOIR Doll \r
Chloe Summer Dress Doll \r
Marinette Summer Dress Doll \r
Marinette Adrien Ladybug Cat Noir Doll Review \r
Antibug Doll Review \r
Chloe Doll Review \r
Action figure Marinette & Ladybug: \r
Action figure Adrien & Cat Noir: \r
Action figure Stormy Weather, Antibug, Chloe \r
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