Arthurs Big App - after school adventures! - best iPad app demos for kids

  • 7 years ago
** New Costume and FroYo game added! **\r
Schools out at Lakewood Elementary School and that means its time for an after school adventure! Join Arthur, Buster, Francine, and Muffy in aof mini-games set all around Elwood City!\r
• 5 unique mini-games hosted in memorable locations around Elwood City;\r
• 15 overall levels for each mini-game;\r
• 50 collectable charers from throughout the history of the ;\r
• A touch and swipe library game that lets kids be the librarian at the Elwood City Library;\r
• A drag and drop smoothie game in which kids make smoothies for Arthur charers at the Sugar Bowl;\r
• A freeze tag game that lets kids play with Arthur charers at the Lakewood Elementary School playground;\r
• A music game in which kids to play a variety of tunes including the ARTHUR theme song. \r
• A costume game in which kids have to help Muffy get the rest of the gang into costume and ready for the school play!\r
Children 6-8 can tap and swipe their way through multi-level games that encourage positive social skills. Focusing on pro-social values and friendship, each game allows kids to explore the ARTHUR world and collaborate and compete with their favorite ARTHUR charers. As levels are completed, kids accumulate points to unlock charers from throughout the history of thepopulating all the Elwood City interive charer scenes.\r
Arthurs Big App is based on the PBS KIDSARTHUR, produced by WGBH, and designed to extend thepro-social curriculum.\r
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