Escape Mission 2016 - Android Gameplay HD

  • 7 yıl önce
This Escape mission game is all about making a safe escape from the jail while rescuing the imprisoned inmates. Sneaking in the corridors for escaping is very tough as the guards and wardens are continuously patrolling in jail. High security checks based on modern technology has made it even tougher to make a safer escape.\r
Make a tricky jail break plan and rescue your fellow inmates. Fight hard for the freedom and get rid of this torturing imprisonment. Find out the tools hidden in the jail that might help you in fighting with the aggressive cops and guards. Use your weapons in the best possible way to kill fierce cops. Make your super moves to get rid of the guards in one go!\r
- Hidden Objects for Escape!\r
- Challenging Prison Escape Missions!\r
- Different Combating Tools!\r
- Amazing 3D Jail Environment!\r
- Realistic Sound Effects!\r
- Super Moves!\r
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