BIG CATS for Children - Tiger, Lion, Jaguar, Leopard, Cheetah, Puma - Learn Big Cats of the World

6 лет назад
Lets learn big cats of the world with this educational video for children. Our big cats video for kids bring the big cats zoo to your house. Subscribe to Kiddopedia channel for more educational videos: → \r
Big cats is a term commonly used in reference to large wild cats. Big cats species include the different types of big cats worldwide, from tigers (the largest big cats) to snow leopards and cheetahs (the smallest big cats). Tiger, lion, leopard and cheetah are the famous big cats in Africa.\r
Kiddopedia team has made a mini big cats documentary for you and your children, to learn about the big cats. We want to bring you the wild cats: HD quality videos combined with big cat sounds. We included the Cubs of these wild animals, as well as scenes of big cats purring and meowing.\r
Big cats of the world in increasing size:\r
Cheetah - Acinonyx jubatus : 30-45 kg (99 lbs)\r
Snow Leopard (Ounce) - Uncia uncia : 35-55 kg (121 lbs)\r
Leopard - Panthera pardus : 25-80 kg (176 lbs)\r
Puma (Cougar, Mountain Lion, Catamount) - Puma concolor : 30-85 kg (187 lbs)\r
Jaguar - Panthera onca : 40-100 kg (220 lbs)\r
Lion - Panthera leo : 110-225 kg (495 lbs)\r
Tiger- Panthera tigris : 65-305 kg (671 lbs)\r
The big cats habitat:\r
The big cats in the wild live in different parts of the world. Tigers live in Asia. Lions are in Sub-Saharan Africa, Gir Forest in India. However, unfortunately, they are extinct in former range of Southeast Europe, Middle East, much of Asia, and North America. Jaguars reside in the Americas, from the southern United States to northern Argentina. Leopards live in Asia and Africa. Snow leopards live in the mountains of central and south Asia. The fastest animal on earth Cheetah can be found in Sub-Saharan Africa and Iran. Puma, which is also called as cougar, panther or mountain lion, are found in North and South America.\r
List of animals in this big cats video for kids:\r
0:10 Tiger\r
0:30 Lion\r
0:50 Jaguar\r
1:10 Leopard\r
1:30 Puma\r
1:50 Snow Leopard\r
2:10 Cheetah\r
2:30 Tiger Cubs\r
2:50 Lion Cubs\r
3:10 Jaguar Cubs\r
3:30 Leopard Cubs\r
3:50 Puma Cubs\r
4:10 Snow Leopard Cubs\r
4:30 Cheetah Cubs\r
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All the videos listed below are licenced under CC BY. \r
Australia Zoo Tigers by Duncan Rawlinson. \r
Terra Natura con tigres por Charo Tainta by larioja. \r
White Male Lion @ Lion Park in Gauteng, SA by Cosmin Pasnicu. \r
The lion roars by dickdesign007. \r
Jaguar Juguetón by Safari Madrid. \r
Jaguar sounds by AlexTricaratops123. \r
Leopard (Panthera pardus) female resting beside my car by Bernard Dupont. \r
Leopard in Kruger Park, South Africa by Nicolas Vanhove. \r
Young Mountain Lion has a new home at the Desert Museum in Tucson by Southern Arizona Guide. \r
Puma resting under a tree (La Selva Biological Station - Costa Rica) by Hernani Oliveira. \r
Snow leopard and red panda by Frda Nyberg. \r
Cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus) purring and calling its brother from a road marker by Bernard Dupont. \r
Cheetah Gepard Acinonyx jubatus by TheLmpo Radek. \r
Akasha and Adira playing by Matthew Burton. \r
Snuggling with lion cubs by Rock Shandy. \r
Lion Cubs playing at Masai Mara Game Reserve [HD] by Geofratz. \r
Jaguar cubs make public debut by Ben Lorber. \r
Leopard cubs playing in Prague ZOO by Felis Leopard. \r
Playful Amur leopard cubs entertaining their parents at Mulhouse Zoo by About Zoos. \r
Florida Wildlife: Florida Panther Rare sight Video by 199,999 views. \r
Snow Leopard Cub Exam at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo by Signals Daily. \r
Raw Zoo Announces Birth of Snow Leopard Cubs 480p by Daily Army Videos Defense and Military Archive. \r
Juvenile Cheetahs at a kill by Lennart Hessel. \r
Baby Cheetah by tuto anis.