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Attaullah Esakhelvi & Sanwal Esakhelvi, Sab Maya Hai, Coke Studio Season 10, Episode 5

Coke Studio Pakistan
Coke Studio Pakistan
Produced & Directed by Strings
Music Directed by Shuja Haider
Lyrics by Ibn-e-Insha, Shakir Shuja Abadi, Mazhar niazi, Farooq Rokhri & Shuja Haider
Originally composed by Attaullah Esakhelvi

Bringing the sounds of the soil to Season 10, Attaullah Esakhelvi & Sanwal Esakhelvi narrate a sordid tale of the depravity that is found within the realms of the material world. Attaullah Esakhelvi’s unique yet familiar folk tone is brutally apt in depicting the pain of coming to terms with the illusions that surround us. Shuja Haider creates a unique soundscape by pairing this with the soft yet electric energy of Sanwal Esakhelvi’s tone. Upon a backdrop of groovy and emotive backing vocals, accented with the banjo and flute, this song is a journey towards uncovering the truth.

Imran Akhoond (Guitars)
Aahad Nayani (Drums)
Kamran ‘Mannu' Zafar (Bass)
Babar Khanna (Dholak/Tabla)
Haider Ali (Keyboards/Piano)
Omran Shafique (Guitars)
Abdul Aziz Kazi (Percussions)
Rachel Viccaji
Shahab Hussain
Natasha Khan
Guest Musicians
Amir Azhar (Banjo)
Sajid Ali (Flute)
Nadeem Iqbal (Harmonium)

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