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MausSpots Folge 2 - Die Sendung mit der Maus _ WDR

Die Sendung mit der Maus (The Show with the Mouse) is a highly acclaimed children's series on German television that has been called "the school of the nation".[1] The show first aired on 7 March 1971.[2] Originally called Lach- und Sachgeschichten für Fernsehanfänger ("Laughing and Learning Stories for Television Beginners), it was controversial because German law prohibited television for children under six years of age.[3][4] The program was initially condemned by teachers and childcare professionals as bad for children's development,[4][5] but is now hailed for its ability to convey information to children.[6][7] The show has received over 75 awards. The first doctoral dissertation on the program was written in 1991.[8] On 7 March 1999 the program's Internet site was launched and received 2,400 e-mails and 4 million hits on the first day.[9]