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5 years ago

FST-7 Chest Workout with 3x Physique Olympia Jeremy Buendia & Hany Rambod | FST-7: Big and Ripped
Hany Rambod & Jeremy Buendia's FST-7 Chest Workout. The journey to your greatest physique starts here and now! Yes, it will hurt, but with Hany Rambod guiding you, you can be confident it'll be worth it.
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| Hany Rambod's Chest Training Tips |
Flat-bench dumbbell press:
I prefer using dumbbells on the flat bench, because you can get a greater range of motion than you can with a barbell. Bring your hands in closer for a tight contraction, depending on the size of the dumbbells being used.

Close-grip bench press:
Place your hands just inside shoulder width and keep your elbows close to the body. Contract your triceps hard at the top of the movement.

Bench dip:
This version, as opposed to the parallel bars, lets you maintain an upright body position, which puts more stress on the triceps. Make sure the distance between benches allows for a full range of motion.

Remember: Any time you see the words "up to 7 sets" in the programming, that indicates an FST-7 set. For those sets, keep rest time minimal, such as 30-45 seconds, and whenever possible, flex the target muscle for 5-10 seconds during the rest period.

During Phase Two, these sorts of intensity-boosting techniques will only get more important, and you'll start combining movements into FST-7 supersets. For now, just go do the work and start growing!


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