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5 years ago

Mansfield Park Edmund confesses his love for Fanny Price

Heres the final scene from the 1999 version (and the best one) of Mansfield Park!! One of my favourite scenes ever!!! This clip does not belong to me!! So please .\r
720p. Spoilers. I completely fall in love this film. Of course I know is the book also. Austen was a genius and she gave us so much wisdom and love through .\r
Fanny (Frances OConnor) reveals to Henry (Alessandro Nivola) that a future together may not be completely out of the question after all. For more Mansfield .\r
Edmund Bertram: Fanny, Ive loved you my whole life. Fanny Price: I know, Edmund. Edmund Bertram: No. Ive loved you as a man loves a woman. As a hero .