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4 years ago

Scooter rider too busy on phone rides scooter straight into sinkhole

TomoNews US
TomoNews US
BEIHAI, CHINA — Swipe and drive is never a good thing, as surveillance footage from China shows a man, who was busy looking at his phone, falling right into a giant sinkhole.

According to China's KNews, the incident happened on August 17th in the Guangxi city of Beihai. The giant sinkhole appeared just moments before the fall. The sinkhole, said to be about 32 by 16 feet wide, and 6 feet deep. Given its substantial size, it is quite hard for anyone not to notice the hole.

However, the motorist was too busy multitasking on his phone while driving to notice the giant void right in front of him, and he plunged directly into it. Lucky for the unnamed man, he miraculously survived and made it out of the giant sinkhole with zero injuries.

Footage of the video went viral, and Chinese netizens mercilessly trolled the man, with one asking how much luck someone has to have on their side to survive driving into a sinkhole. Another joked that he should have taken a selfie and posted it to social media.

So far, officials in the area have not released more information on the sinkhole, like what caused it. But hopefully the footage will be a warning to all not to swipe and drive.

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