5 years ago

Kevin Richardson: GoPro captures lion whisperer convincing lioness to take leap of faith

TomoNews US
TomoNews US
PRETORIA, SOUTH AFRICA — The “Lion Whisperer” Kevin Richardson has released footage of him convincing one of his rescued lionesses to leap into his arms in a pond.

GoPro footage of the incredible encounter between Richardson and his lioness has already racked up more than half a million views since being published to YouTube earlier this month. In the GoPro video, Richardson says his two lionesses, sisters Meg and Amy, were rejected by their mother, who dropped them in a water dish. Left for dead, Richardson rescued and raised them. The famous animal lover believes had he not saved them, they’d have surely been shot for trophy at one of South Africa’s canned hunting ranches.

Richardson claims he shares an unspoken language with his adopted soulmates, and shares a trust he can see in their eyes. In the video shot at his sanctuary, he put his relationship with the big cats to the test by hopping into the water, and telling lioness Meg to leap in with him, promising to catch her. After taking a moment to get her footing, Meg dives toward Richardson, splashing into his arms before enjoying a swim with her protector.