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5 years ago

Ukdiche Modak Recipe in Telugu | కొబ్బరి లష్కోర కుడుములు | Ganesh Chaturthi Special | Sweet Recipe

Variety Vantalu
Variety Vantalu
On the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi learn how to make Ukdiche Modak at home. Ukdiche Modak or steamed coconut dumplings are served to Lord Ganesha as prasad / nevedya. Learn this simple recipe only on Variety Vantalu

Ingredients :

3 Cups Water (నీళ్ళు)
3 Cups Rice Flour (బియ్యం పిండి)
3 Cups Grated Coconut (తురిమిన కొబ్బరి)
1 1/2 Cup Jaggery ( బెల్లం )
1 tsp Oil / Ghee ( నెయ్యి / నెయ్యి )
1 tsp Cardamom Powder ( యాలుకల పొడి)
Salt to taste ( తగినంత ఉప్పు )
Method :

To Make the Covering (Ukad) ( పిండిని తయారుచేసుకునే పద్ధతి):
- In a pan heat some water. Add salt and ghee.
- Then add the rice flour and mix everything well.
- Switch off the flame and cover it for 10 minutes.
- After 10 minutes spread the mixture in bowl and allow it to cool.
To Make the filling :
- In a pan heat some oil. Then add grated coconut and jaggery.
- Mix well till the jaggery melts completely.
- Then add cardamom powder and mix well. Switch off the flame and let the mixture cool.

To Make the Modaks
- Remove the flour mixture into a flat bottom pan and knead the dough well.
- Take out lemon sized balls of the dough and shape it into a small roti with your fingers. Apply oil to your palms so that the mixture doesn't stick to your hands.
- Fill the small roti with the coconut filling leaving some space for folding it.
- Pinch the outer covering with your fingers into small pleats and then fold them up. Join them and cover the filling completely.
- Make all the modaks like so and keep them aside.
- For cooking, fill 1/4th of the steamer with water. Cover it with the lid. If you are using a pressure cooker, don't put the vent valve.
- Let the modaks steam for 10-15 mins and they are ready. You can also serve them with ghee.

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