DISGUSTING JELLY BEAN CHALLENGE! Beyblade Burst Punishment Battle!

  • 7 years ago
Weve had this requested from us quite a few times and we finally decided to do it. Heres the Bean Boozled DISGUSTING jelly bean challenge! Of course, were .
Did you miss these two epic bladers? After meeting with each other, they couldnt back down from their destined rematch. This time, Jen and Meagan are .
BBG Steven and BBG Brendan customize and battle it out in this Beyblade Burst PUNISHMENT battle! Bringing back BATTLE OF THE GEEKS! Youve seen this .
Heres another Beyblade punishment battle but this time..FOR THE BBGs and with Beyblade Burst! We havent done one of these BOGs in a while and with the .