Will people be eternally condemned to hell or will they go to heaven after serving their due punishment?

  • 7 yıl önce
VTR: Will people be eternally condemned to hell, or will they leave after serving their due punishment? Will they be transferred to heaven?            

ADNAN OKTAR: The people of hell are specifically created. God informs us in the verse of the Qur'an; "My Words are true, that I shall fill up Hell entirely..." The people whom God filled up Hell with are already there. They come to this world from there. The people of hell simultaneously exist in the Realm of Souls, in this world, in hell and in the hereafter. Therefore, their eternal settlement is hell, where they currently reside. But there is a characteristic of the people of hell; they are bereft of sight, hearing and consciousness. By "It is their hearts that are blind," God means that they are unconscious. God says, "You believe them to be alive, but they are all dead." I have talked extensively about this subject, albeit implicitly. A sincere person with an open conscious is never condemned to hell. Saying otherwise would be denying God. Only a person who denies God tends to say such a thing. A sincere person with an open conscious never goes to hell. Saying the opposite means attributing God with cruelty, and it would be a defiant and irreligious expression. 


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