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Duke Ellington - Duke Ellington Plays Jazz Standards

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00:00 AIN'T MISBEHAVIN' (Waller, Razaf) - july 13, 1933
solos: A. Whetsol (tp), Otto Hardwicke (as), Lawrence Brown (tb), Barney Bigard (cl), Cootie Williams (tp)
02:48 ALL GOD'S CHILLUN GOT RHYTHM (Jurman, Kaper, Kahn) - june 8, 1937
solos: Joe Nanton (tb), Harry Carney (bar), Rex Stewart (cn), Lawrence Brown (tb), Barney Bigard (cl), Johnny Hodges (as), Rex Stewart (cn)
05:26 BABY! (McHugh, Fields) - dec. 21, 1932
vocal: Adelaide Hall / solos: Lawrence Brown (tb), Cootie Williams (tp)
08:34 BLACK AND BLUE (Waller, Razaf) - march 20, 1930
solos: Cootie Williams (tp), Barney Bigard (cl), Joe Nanton (tb), Ellington (p)
12:01 BUGLE CALL RAG (Pettis, Meyers, Schoebel) - feb. 9, 1932
solos: Cootie Williams (tp), Barney Bigard (cl), Joe Nanton (tb), Cootie Williams (tp), Wellman Braud (b)
15:05 I CAN'T GIVE YOU ANYTHING BUT LOVE (McHugh, Fields) - dec. 22, 1932
vocal: Ethel Waters
18:13 I MUST HAVE THAT MAN (McHugh, Fields) - dec. 21, 1932
vocal: Adelaide Hall / solos: Cootie Williams (tp), Duke Ellington (p)
21:19 IN THE SHADE OF THE OLD APPLE TREE (Van Alstyne, Williams) - aug. 15, 1933
solos: Freddy Jenkins (tp), Joe Nanton (tb), Johnny Hodges (as), Barney Bigard (cl)
24:30 LIMEHOUSE BLUES (Braham, Furber) - june 16, 1931
solos: Joe Nanton (tb), Johnny Hodges (as), Harry Carney (bar), Barney Bigard (cl)
27:40 LOUISIANA (Johnson, Schaefer, Razaf) - oct. 17, 1928
solos: Bubber Miley (tp), Joe Nanton (tb), Johnny Hodges (as), Barney Bigard (cl)
30:41 MARGIE (Robinson, Conrad) - march 5, 1935
Rex Stewart (cn), Johnny Hodges (sop), Duke Ellington (p), chase: Harry Carney (bar), Johnny Hodges (sop)
33:40 MOONGLOW (Hudson, DeLange) - sept. 12, 1934
solos: Cootie Williams (tp), Johnny Hodges (sop)
36:45 MY OLD FLAME (Johnston, Coslow) - may 9, 1934
vocal: Ivie Anderson/ solos: Lawrence Brown (tb), Cootie Williams (tp), Johnny Hodges (as)
40:06 (THERE IS) NO GREATER LOVE (Jones, Symes) - feb. 27, 1936
solos: Arthur Whetsol (tp), Lawrence Brown (tb), Johnny Hodges (as)
43:14 ROCKIN' CHAIR (Carmichael) - jan. 14, 1931
vocal: Bennie Payne / solos: Cootie Williams (tp), Joe Nanton (tb)
46:22 ROSE ROOM (Hickman, Williams) - feb. 11, 1932
solos: Barney Bigard (cl), Duke Ellington (p), Johnny Hodges (as), Barney Bigard (cl)
49:22 RUNNIN' WILD (Gibbs, Grey, Wood) - oct. 17, 1930
vocal: Dick Robertson) / solos: Cootie Williams (tp)
52:05 ST. LOUIS BLUES (Handy) - feb. 11, 1932
vocal: Bing Crosby / solos: Cootie Williams (tp), Joe Nanton (tb), Barney Bigard (cl), Johnny Hodges (as)
56:35 THE SHEIK OF ARABY (Snyder, Smith, Wheeler) - may 16, 1932
solos: Lawrence Brown (tb), Otto Hardwicke (as), Joe Nanton (tb), Johnny Hodges (sop)
59:32 STORMY WEATHER (Arlen, Koehler) - may 16, 1933
solos: Arthur Whetszol (tp), Cootie Williams (tp), Lawrence Brown (tb), Duke Ellington (p), Harry Carney (bar) Barney Bigard (cl)
1:02:36 THREE LITTLE WORDS (Ruby, Kalmar) - aug. 26, 1930
vocal: The Rhythm Boys/ solos: Barney Bigard (cl)
1:05:40 TIGER RAG - PTS 1 & 2 (La Rocca) - jan 8, 1929
solos: Barney Bigard (cl), Freddy Jenkins (tp), Harry Carney (bar), Jophnny Hodges (as), Bubber Miley (tp), Barney Bigard (cl), Joe Nanton (tb)
1:11:21 TISHOMINGO BLUES (Williams, Stern) - june 5, 1928
solos: Joe Nanton (tb), Barney Bigard (cl), Louis Metcalf (tp), Johnny Hodges (as), Bubber Mildey (tp)
1:14:19 TWELFTH STREET RAG (Bowman, Williams) - jan. 14, 1931
solos: Duke Ellington & Bennie Payne (p), Joe Nanton (tb), Juan Tizol (vtb)
1:17:17 WHEN YOU'RE SMILING (Shay, Fisher, Goodwin) - march 20, 1930
vocal: Irving Mills / solos: Joe Nanton (tb), Freddy Jenkins (tp), Cootie Williams (tp) & Johnny Hodges (as), Freddy Jenkins (tp), Johnny Hodges (as)

Although he was a top jazz writer, in his Long career Duke Ellington often recorded jazz tunes and popular songs from the pen of other composers. This is a choice of exceptionally good material of this kind. You will notice that despite their “foreign” origin, the arrangements and the soloists contribute to transform these tunes in pure, great “ellingtonia”.

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