Rakshabandhan: भद्रकाल में क्यों नहीं बांधते राखी | Bhadra Nakshatra Not Good for tying Rakhi | Boldsky

7 years ago
In Hinduism, For any auspicious special work significance is given to the planetary constellation and this time the Rakshabandhan festival is trapped in the shadow of these planets and constellations. Yes, this Rakshabandhan i.e. will be the lunar eclipse on 7th August, which will start from 10.52 pm to 12.22, it will take place 9 hours before lunar eclipse and rightly before that, Bhadra will be affected. It is believed that tying Rakhi in Bhadra constellation is inauspicious, therefore, during this time sistersshould not tie rakhi to their brother. watch this video to know what is the tradition and beliefs behind it ...