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Dan Wesson 715 .177 CO2 Pellet Revolver - Replica Realism at its Best! - Airgun Review by AirgunWeb

The Dan Wesson 715 .177 CO2 Pellet Revolver really is airgun replica realism at its Best. As I say in the video, on-line photos just don’t do this product justice. It’s far nicer than I would have expected at this price point. The operation, weight, and feel make it perfect for getting in that “in the garage” trigger time that helps us all be better shooters. In double action it’s a little tough to get used to, but not impossible. Shooting in single action is a breeze and a ton of fun.

Man it’s a great time to be an airgunner!!!

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Dan Wesson 715 .177 CO2 Pellet Revolver

RWS Hobby Pellets

H&N Match Green Pellets

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