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List of Video Sharing Sites for Business Video Sharing Sites Like YouTube

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Video sharing sites have changed the way of looking at media.
Video connects viewers who are not connected geographically

When you think about video sharing sites, YouTube is the first one that comes to mind. It’s more popular than TV.

As the stats say, It is the 2nd most visited website in the world. 300 hours of video are uploaded every minute on YouTube.

Google gives priority to YouTube videos in search engine results as it is the parent company of YouTube.

The best part of YouTube is that it provides the ability to watch without becoming a member. You will be able to find videos according to your interest or hobby and if you are a community member you can interact, comment and post videos on those videos.
YouTube video sharing is the best way to collect and display user comments. YouTube provides all the facilities according to the audience to audience needs because there are a vast number of people who are not community members, just simple viewers.

A search function makes it easy to search the videos you are looking for and make it easier to find the particular video you want to watch or download.

YouTube also provides access to its customizable features like screen size, volume, watch later, speed, annotation and subscribe option. You can also customize the playlist of videos. YouTube allows you to embed its videos on other websites.

You can create and upload videos in your own way. You can identify your audience as they comment or post replies on video. You can also restrict the audience for your video. You can specify the place where it was shot, you can upload it to your cell phone.
Before posting a video you need a title, short description, category and a set of tags to find the video on YouTube.

Daily Motion

Dailymotion is the international video sharing site with a worldwide audience. It allows users to search, browse and view the videos with keywords, channels, and groups.

Dailymotion has an audience first platform which shows the picture preview of videos and allows them to be shared to Facebook and Twitter. You can share your personal videos with a restricted audience or with the world.

Dailymotion offers two different accounts basic and motion maker
With the Basic account, you will be able t upload video files up to 60 minutes of length, 4GB size and with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

With the Motionmaker account, you will be able to upload videos with no restrictions on size or length, in HD 1080 pixels as well as being able to monetize your videos and benefit from exclusive tools and features, including lifestreaming capabilities.

Real content by Motionmaker is promoted aggressively on the first page of Dailymotion and in search results.


Metacafe is the oldest video sharing sites. Metacafe is focused on commercial videos and specializes in short from original content videos in the entertainment industry.

Metacafe includes the videos that amaze, inspire and amuse their audience.

These videos are initiated and chosen by users with review and reward.

The biggest advantage of Metacafe is having high-quality video without multiple copies of the same content, which prevents duplicate video, unlike YouTube.

Metacafe is so popular among people because it is the first video sharing website that pays its audience to upload their videos.
The search function is also easy to use, you can search by criteria and categories. Metacafe video recommendation is good when you watch a video. The search is related to your keyword with accurate results.


Vimeo has more than 100 million unique visitors per month. Vimeo layout is clean and the video player is much bigger than YouTube.

Content is the star in Vimeo videos. Vimeo also focuses on high definition video quality.

Vimeo is used by professional video makers. It offers a free package, and it also has Plus and Pro paid packages. The Pro and Plus packages increase your upload limit with more control on your video.

Vimeo allows its basic to upload up to 500 MB per week and if you want to upload more than 500 you can pay Vimeo for Pro and Plus packages.

The video quality of Vimeo is high, so there are tons of high definition videos available on their website.

Here you will be able to create and moderate video groups.