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Delta Air Lines Fires Back at Ann Coulter on Twitter, but Refunds Her $30

Delta Air Lines Fires Back at Ann Coulter on Twitter, but Refunds Her $30
She went on to complain about the flight’s Wi-Fi, commenting
that JetBlue offers it free and “doesn’t wantonly remove passengers from their assigned seats, booked in advance FOR A REASON.”
She added, “@Delta sucks.”
Ms. Coulter went on to complain that Delta “spends all this $$$ on beautiful aircraft & then hire Nurse Ratchets as flight attendants & gate agents,”
a reference to Nurse Ratched, the character known to be an overly strict enforcer of the rules in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.”
Delta said it was “disappointed” in Ms. Coulter and called her actions “unnecessary and unacceptable.”
The airline said it would refund her $30 for the preferred seat she bought, adding,
“Delta expects mutual civility throughout the entire travel experience.”
In an email on Monday, she wrote: “I spent time ‘reserving’ — that term has a flexible meaning at Delta — a specific seat, and that’s my hourly rate.
“Perhaps they should spend less time sneering at their customers’ post-flight commentary
and more time investigating why they invite customers to prebook their seats online, only for their gate agents to go into the computer, cancel a reserved seat, print new tickets, and give a prebooked seat to another customer, who apparently wanted the same seat — but not quite enough to bother booking it in advance
In a statement on Sunday, the airline described what happened as a “seat mix-up,”
but Ms. Coulter excoriated the airline in social media posts after she was removed from a seat that she said she had specifically booked.