6 years ago

BOSS Katana Mini Amplifier Review & Demo

Check out the BOSS Katana Mini Amplifier over at PMT Online: https://www.pmtonline.co.uk/boss-katana-mini-guitar-amplifier

In this review, Dagan demonstrates just how powerful the BOSS Katana Mini practice amp really is!

The BOSS Katana Mini amplifier features three custom designed analogue gain stages rather than digital / modeled “snap-shot” sounds that other practice amps have.

This analogue amplifier includes an analogue input, three analog channels such as Clean, Crunch, Brown (Lead) and an analogue delay to give you a lush, beautiful and REAL playing experience.

With 7 watts of power at your disposal through the custom 4 inch speaker, this mini amplifier sounds extremely loud for its size!

There's an authentic Two Volume, Three Tone Stack Set-up to get the best sound possible. In addition, thanks to the all analogue set up, the amp reacts to your playing dynamics and volume of your guitar beautifully. The Katana Mini can handle a full range of guitars for standard to low tuning and features a Headphone and Line out with real cabinet voicing and silent practice.

The Katana Mini is also Battery or Mains Powered (PSB-1U series) for added portability, making it one of the best practice amplifiers available today.

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